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  • Give your taste buds a tantalizing scramble with these chocolate covered cranberries. One moment you’ll be enjoying the familiar tartness you expect from cranberries. Then your palate will notice the pleasurable sensation that luscious milk chocolate coating provides. You’ll appreciate the chewy texture of dried cranberries because it will give you more time to enjoy the experience.

  • Dried Cranberries

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    When your breakfast foods such as oatmeal and cereal need a wake-up call, dried cranberries can relieve you of breakfast boredom. Their chewy texture and combination of sweetness and tartness make them a flavorful snack food or scrumptious addition to sauces and salads. Toss some in a lunch bag or back pack to energize you in a sluggish moment.

  • Yogurt covered cranberries blur the line between exquisite and yummy. The delicious, smooth yogurt covering makes these delicacies an elegant addition to a party table. The tart, exciting flavor of the cranberries makes them a fun, flavorful snack. When you combine the creamy sweet yogurt with the tangy cranberry the result is exceptionally tantalizing bites of deliciousness.